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Our office is proud to offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, from consultations and hearing evaluations, all the way to helping you pick out your hearing aid and finding the perfect fit!

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Ready to purchase a hearing aid? Our office is proud to offer a wide array of hearing aids in different styles and different technological capabilities to fit your needs!

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Welcome to Discover Hearing!

We have been increasingly Growing Hearing Awareness since 2001.  We provide professional, comprehensive hearing evaluations, a clear understanding of your personal hearing health and educate you with preventative measures to reduce the chances  or degree of noise induced hearing loss.  At Discover Hearing we seamlessly integrate high quality hearing devices into your world, while enriching your abilities to hear all of the wonderful sounds of life!  


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Our vision is to enhance your quality of life through improved hearing in a competent, ethical, inspiring and friendly environment.

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Hearing Evaluations

Having your hearing evaluated as part of your medical check up is the first step to bring awareness to your own personal hearing health.  We then recommend re-testing your hearing every three years (if hearing levels were within normal limits) to monitor any possible changes so we can identify hearing loss or any other medical issues early on.

Hearing Evaluations


Information About Hearing Loss

Being aware of your own personal hearing health can prepare you mentally and financially in the event you are required to use hearing devices in the future.  Studies have shown addressing your hearing loss earlier can significantly improve your success with hearing aids.

Hearing Loss

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Hearing Protection

Wearing hearing protection when in noise (cutting the grass, concerts, power tools, machines, occupational noise etc...) can reduce the chances or degree of noise induced hearing loss.  Noise induced hearing loss can come on gradually without noticing the changes, until it's too late.  Noise induced hearing loss is irreversible but can be assisted with hearing devices.  Protect your ears with custom noise defenders or over the ear muff protection and have your hearing checked as part of your annual medical check up. 

Hearing Protection


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We encourage everyone to have their hearing evaluated, even for those who are hearing well.  We cannot predict when our hearing may change or when an accident or a virus may occur, causing damage to our hearing.  It is so important to establish a baseline to know how well you are hearing today, don't wait until you have hearing loss to have your hearing evaluated.  

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