Welcome. At Discover Hearing our vision is to enhance your quality of life through improved hearing in a competent, ethical, inspiring and friendly environment.

St. Albert's Locally Owned and Family Operated                  Hearing Health Centre!

At Discover Hearing, we understand the many concerns you may have about being fitted with or needing a hearing aid.

With a comprehensive and accurate hearing assessment, our trusted professionals can evaluate the type and degree of hearing loss you have. If we determine that you need a hearing aid, we will work closely with you to help you discover the right hearing instruments and solutions that suit you and meet the needs in your daily life.

It is important to note that not all hearing aid solutions may be appropriate for everyone. The choice depends on your hearing loss, as well as, the size and shape of your ears. At Discover Hearing, we will make sure you are informed and comfortable with your selection

"Have You Heard" 2017

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"I was referred to Discover Hearing by my GP when I complained of hearing problems

I was treated with respect and all my questions were answered.  I needed hearing aids something not totally unexpected.  Nicole facilitated  the purchase and fitting of my hearing aids in a manner that made it easier and certainly not frightening,

·         I was taught how to use my hearing aids.

·         How to clean and maintain the hearing aids

·         I  received excellent follow up.

·         I have been helped to feel confident and comfortable with my hearing aids

The result is I feel comfortable asking for help, when I need batteries etc the staff are friendly polite and helpful.  I would certainly recommend Discover Hearing to friends and family.

Thank you for making getting hearing aids a positive experience."

Elizabeth Bell.                            

"I have been using hearing aids for several years and for the first time, thanks to Discover Hearing, I am enjoying the full benefits hearing aids can offer.  The staff at Discover Hearing are courteous, prompt, efficient and professional and have met all my hearing aids requirements.  I would highly recommend their service to anyone."

Jack VanNorman

"This is just a note to say a huge THANK YOU to Discover Hearing, and especially Nicole, who fitted my husband's hearing aids a week ago. The difference in our relationship from just that simple change is amazing!  I didn't even realize how much I just didn't bother saying, because it always meant repeating, talking louder than I was comfortable with, and conversation had all but dried up.  It was a bit lonely at our house.  Now, normal communication has been re-established.  I feel that I have my old husband back (well okay, he's also a bit old in years).

With much appreciation,"

Nora Clark

"I recently met a friend who was dealing with ringing in his ears that was driving him crazy. As he was describing his discomfort I realized that my tinnitus was not bothering me as much as it had in the past. I told my friend that since I got my Oticon hearing aids the ringing in my ears is not nearly as intense as it had been. I know that the ringing did not go away since it returns every time I remove my hearing aids, but while I am wearing them I am much more comfortable. I am extremely pleased with this product and the quality of care you and your staff provide for me."

My sincere thanks,

Bruce Maier

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